Abortion and STDs Near Lakemoor & Volo, IL

STD/STI Testing Information

At Focus Women’s Center, we offer testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea to patients who qualify – free of charge. These are the two most common STDs in McHenry County.

  • Testing and treatment provided free of charge>
  • Patients must return to FWS to get results in person


You probably aren’t thinking about sexually transmitted diseases or infections when you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, but you really should know exactly what you’re facing. Whether you’re planning on keeping the pregnancy or having an abortion, it is vital to know if you have an STD.

STDs and Pregnancy

STDs can complicate pregnancy and may cause serious problems for you and the developing fetus. Some of the problems may be seen at birth, while others might not be noticeable until months or years later. These problems may be prevented with STD testing and treatment, as well as regular medical care during pregnancy.If you are planning to carry your pregnancy to term, be sure to talk to your primary healthcare provider about full panel STD testing.

STD/STI Testing Information

Lakemoor & Volo

STDs and Abortion

STDs can also pose serious complications for those who have abortions. Untreated STDs increase the risk of infections, such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which is a more serious and potentially deadly infection located deeper in your reproductive tract. Those considering abortion should be tested and treated for STDs prior to the procedure. Focus Women’s Center offers FREE confidential testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea for patients that are considering abortion. For an appointment call or text 815-322-1585

FWC recommends that anyone who is sexually active obtain a full STD panel by your primary healthcare provider.

For full panel STD testing, contact your doctor or local health department:

McHenry County Department of Health – 815-334-4500

Lake County Health Department – 847-377-8400


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