With the overturning of Roe vs Wade, it seems like women and girls with unplanned pregnancies are scrambling to find an abortion provider. In a panic to find a clinic, you may not take the time to evaluate the quality of care being offered and will be tempted to just schedule with the first provider you come across on the internet. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions to consider before scheduling an abortion just anywhere.

Is it safe to buy the abortion pill online?  Not all online providers are equal! In the past couple months, numerous websites have popped up offering to sell the abortion pill without a prescription. Abortion pills sold without a prescription are not FDA approved, so you risk purchasing contaminated or counterfeit pills. The FDA also advises against buying them online because you risk bypassing important safety guards put in place to protect your health. For more information on this topic, check out our AT HOME ABORTION page.

Is the clinic licensed?  Not all abortion clinics are licensed in Illinois, which means they are not required to have regular health and safety inspections. Even licensed clinics may not be regularly inspected. After your first consultation visit, ask yourself if you thought the clinic was clean? What was the atmosphere like? Did the staff listen to your concerns and answer all your questions fully – or did you feel rushed through? Trust your judgment, and if you see any red flags, don’t have that clinic perform the procedure. If you aren’t sure the clinic is doing something the right way, talk to your primary care provider and report your concern to the health department.

What does the clinic do in case of an emergency?  Does the doctor have admitting privileges at the nearest hospital? Risks are involved with any medical procedure. It is important that the clinic have a plan for any circumstance that may arise – even if it is rare.

If your procedure requires anesthesia, what anesthesia do they use and who is responsible for administering it? A trained physician or certified nurse anesthetist are the only people that should be administering anesthesia.

You have the right to ask for the credentials of the doctors and staff, their experience, as well as any medical malpractice the clinic or staff have been involved in.

Remember, the cheapest clinic option might not be in your best interest. Your health and safety are the most important things to consider!

Want to learn more about your different abortion options before actually scheduling with a provider? Call Focus Women’s Center for a free Pregnancy Verification and Consultation appointment. Our nurses are specially trained to provide you with all the information you need to know about your pregnancy and abortion options. Although FWC does not provide abortions or make abortion referrals to any specific provider – we do provide information on the procedures, estimated costs, how to choose a clinic, and offer free ultrasounds to confirm exactly how far along you are – which determines the abortion procedure you’d be looking at. We’re a great first step in an unplanned pregnancy! Call to schedule with a nurse today: 815-322-1585