Like many experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you might not want to have an abortion, yet you aren’t ready to be a parent at this point in your life. Or maybe you already have other children, but you just can’t handle another baby right now. Whatever your situation – adoption is an option.

Many people have misconceptions about adoption which is why it is good to get accurate information from a source you can trust. At Focus Women’s Center, we can help answer some frequently asked questions about adoption and provide you with a list of agencies. As part of our Pregnancy Verification and Consultation appointment, you will be offered information on adoption so that you can decide what is the best choice for you.

Adoption Options
Adoption Choices


If you are considering adoption, it is a great idea to meet with a counselor at an adoption agency to get more information so that you can decide if this is the best option for you. An adoption counselor can answer all of your questions and also offer support in your decision-making process. If you choose to move forward with an adoption, you and your counselor will go over all the details – everything from what family you choose and what type of adoption you want, to what your birth plan will look like. For a list of licensed adoption agencies in Illinois, click here.


Focus Women’s Center does not aid in adoptions. We provide our patients with general information on adoption, as well as a list of agencies in our area.  If you found our page and are looking to adopt, we suggest you check out the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services webpage for more information on adoption.


Common Questions About Adoption

I don’t want my baby to go into foster care. If I place my baby for adoption, will he/she have to go into foster care?
This is one of the most common misconceptions we hear regarding adoption. It can be reassuring to know that your baby can go right home with the adoptive parents when you work with an adoption agency during your pregnancy.
Will my child be loved and cared for? How can I be sure of this?
Adoption agencies have very strict criteria for adoptive parents. They do background checks, multiple interviews, and a number of home visits – both before and after the adoption. It is a very thorough process in order to ensure that the adoptive parents are safe, loving people. Moreover, depending on the type of adoption you choose – you can even select the adoptive parents and see for yourself!
What if I change my mind after birth?
You are not “locked into” a decision of adoption until you sign papers. In fact, in the state of Illinois, the soonest you can sign papers for adoption is 72 hours after you give birth. This allows you time to process your decision and make sure that this is the best choice for both you and the baby.
Once I call an adoption agency, will they pressure me into adoption?
No one can force you to do anything. If you meet with an adoption agency and feel pressured – leave! There are numerous reputable adoptions agencies out there and it is important that you find one that you are comfortable with. This is a big decision and you need to feel confident that the agency respects your choices.
Will my baby ever know who I am? Will I get to know my child or the adoptive family?
That is up to you! There are open adoptions, closed adoptions, and everything in between. As a birth parent, you get to decide what type of adoption you want and how much contact you will have with your child throughout his/her life. You can also choose the family that will adopt your baby so that you can decide what type of family your child will grow up in.
Will I have to pay for my medical expenses?
Most adoption agencies will cover your prenatal care and birth expenses if you choose adoption. They may even be able to help with living expenses during your pregnancy.
Will people think less of me if I choose adoption for my baby?
No, you are not less of a person or less of a mother if you choose adoption. Adoption is a selfless, loving choice! It means that you put the needs of your baby above your own.
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