Pre-Abortion Information

When deciding your next steps during an unplanned pregnancy, you need medically accurate information about your individual situation. We offer FREE Pre- Abortion Information that will allow you to gather knowledge, so you can make a decision that is best for you.

We provide the following:

  • A lab-quality pregnancy test administered by a healthcare professional— An at home pregnancy test is great when you’re in a bind and want some answers quickly. However, they aren’t always the most accurate. Our licensed professionals can administer a high-quality test, so you can know if you’re really pregnant.


  • A limited ultrasound— Sometimes it’s not enough to have a positive pregnancy test when you’re making an unplanned pregnancy decision that may include abortion options. You also need to know if your pregnancy is viable. That’s something a pregnancy test won’t tell you. If the pregnancy may end in a natural miscarriage, you may not see the need to move forward with an abortion appointment after the pre-abortion information appointment. Our medical staff can perform a scan to see how the pregnancy is progressing.


  • STI/STD testing— You probably aren’t thinking about sexually transmitted diseases or infections when you’re focusing on an unwanted pregnancy, but you really should know exactly what you’re facing. It is vital to know if you’re carrying an active STI/STD when you’re looking to schedule an abortion procedure. Without proper care, your future health could be at risk.  Contact us for STI testing and treatment today!